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Action for Social Integration is a registered charity, funded by London Councils,  which aims to advance social and cultural integration, and to eliminate prejudice, stereotype and discrimination in relation to asylum seekers, refugees and minority ethnic communities from all ethnic backgrounds.
We work to enable our service users to effectively integrate into society by helping them to access services, rights, entitlements and opportunities and to overcome barriers to learning, employment and training. Our services include:
Legal Advice Service
Free legal advice on welfare benefits, asylum and immigration, housing, health, debt, education and employment. Help with translating documents, preparing official letters, opening email accounts, etc.
Children and Young People Service
Free tutoring support for GCSE Maths, English and Science. Free advice on UK education including help with solving you child`s problems at school. Work experience and training opportunities. Help with translating documents, preparing CVs and official letters, opening email accounts, etc.


For further information please contact us on:
1st Fl, 36 The Market Square
London N9 0TZ
020 3441 7798
This blog is managed by Action for Social Integration




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