Dealing with “Rent Arrears”

Are you in debt and unable to pay your home rent? How to deal with “rent arrears”?

“Rent arrears” is a legal term to describe a situation where you have failed to pay your home rent on time. Allowing for a debt to amass could easily turn into a serious problem, eventually leading to losing your home. This is why it is important to contact a legal adviser and take an action immediately!
When dealing with “rent arrears” it is important to first find out what the type of your tenancy is: it will determine how and in what time frame your debt needs to be tackled, as well as what your landlord`s actions could be if you fail to re-pay it. To help you with this, the housing charity organisation Shelter has introduced its online Tenancy Checker service which allows you to easily identify your tenancy type by answering just a few questions.
You might find it helpful to start by making a plan of action: decide exactly how you are going to clear your dept and the different steps you will take in doing this. In order to find out what the best repayment method for clearing your “rent arrears” could be, we would suggest that you introduce yourself with the National Debtline`s “Options for Paying Back Your Debts”. It will help you choose a repayment method depending on the type and size of your dept. Alternatively, for a one-to-one discussion with an adviser call the National Debtline`s FREE phone: 0808 808 4000 (Monday-Friday 9am-9pm, Saturday 9.30am-1pm)
For a free, confidential and impartial advice on dealing with “rent arrears”, you can call the Shelter Housing Advice FREE phone: 0808 800 4444 (Monday-Friday 8am-8pm, Saturday-Sunday 8am-5pm), or visit Shelter`s web section on “rent arrears”. If you decide to contact Shelter by phone, ask to be directed to a legal adviser who can tell you what arrangements you can make with your landlord.
! Remember that you shouldn`t and cannot be evicted for “rent arrears” without a court order.
! Remember to always write down and have a copy of all agreements you make with your landlord.

Web advice point on “rent arrears”:

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