Dealing with “unfair dismissal”

I am being made redundant but I don`t think this is fair. How to recognise and deal with “unfair dismissal”?

There are a number of reasons for losing your job which could be unfair: for example pregnancy, your age and gender, or if your employer has dismissed you even though there has been no problem with your job performance. The term “unfair dismissal” is used to denote that either (1) your employer`s reasons for dismissing you have been unfair or discriminatory, or that (2) the procedure he has followed in dismissing you has been unfair.

For FREE, confidential and impartial advice on your employment rights telephone the ACAS (the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service) at 0845 7474 747.
If you believe you have been dismissed unfairly, you will need to make a claim for unfair dismissal at the Employment Tribunal. Call the Employment Tribunal Enquiry line at 0845 795 9775 to find out where your local Employment Tribunal office is. Ask your local office for free advice on how to make a claim for unfair dismissal and order a claim form.

! Remember that you can only make a claim to the Employment Tribunal within 3 months from the date when you have been dismissed.

! Depending on your circumstances, a successful claim for unfair dismissal may enable you to secure “redundancy payment” compensation or a compensation for loss of earnings. To find out what your redundancy payment could be click here.
 Find out when a dismissal relating to your working times is unfair.
If you believe you have been dismissed unfairly due to pregnancy or issues relating to your maternity leave, you can easily find out what your maternity rights and entitlements are by filling it the following short questionnaire:

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Issue 1, April 23 2010

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